Navigating the Search: Behind the Scenes of Filling a VP of IT Role

In the fast-paced world of corporate IT, unexpected vacancies can send shockwaves through an organization, especially during critical projects like system migrations. Such was the case for one client whose VP of IT retired suddenly, leaving a gap in leadership right in the midst of a mission-critical migration. This prompted the client’s President and CEO to turn to JFC Global for assistance.

Highlights of this Success Story

  • JFC Global was engaged by this client for a nationwide search, on a priority search arrangement.  
  • Specialty skill set
  • Nationwide search
  • Full support throughout every aspect of process including travel & accommodation arrangements
  • 7-Pre-qualified, reference checked VP level candidates
  • Relocation request/requirement liaison
  • Hit 2 month hiring deadline on the dot
  • Win win solutions for both company & staff

Initial Steps to Fill a VP of IT Role

The journey began with a recommendation from an external colleague who recognized JFC’s deep knowledge of the local talent pool and the longevity of our recruiters in the market. Dissatisfied with previous recruitment efforts, the client engaged us for a nationwide search on a priority basis.

What ensued was a meticulous process aimed at finding not just a replacement, but the right fit for the hybrid needs of the role. The VP of IT would need a blend of legacy skills and newer technologies, coupled with strong leadership abilities to navigate both the maintenance of existing systems and the roadmap to new ones.

Pre-Qualified, Carefully Vetted Candidates

Within days, JFC Global presented a slate of candidates, carefully vetted and pre-qualified. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, we provided additional backup candidates to ensure a safety net for the client. Facilitating all aspects of the recruitment process, from interviews to travel arrangements, we ensured a seamless experience for both client and candidates.

Through consultations and ongoing communication, we guided the client through relocation considerations and candidate preferences, ensuring a smooth transition for the chosen candidate. In just five days from engagement, JFC Global identified the perfect candidate for the VP of IT position.

Long Standing Results That Compound

The success story doesn’t end there. Our candidate, chosen from a pool of carefully selected individuals, not only met but exceeded expectations. With a longstanding relationship built on trust and periodic career consultations, we knew this candidate was not just a match on paper but a strategic fit for the role.

Today, as the VP of IT settles into their new role, they continue to partner with JFC Global to build out their team, tapping into our expertise to find the local, hard-to-find talent needed to drive their initiatives forward. With a base salary increase and substantial bonus potential, our candidate’s success underscores the value of strategic partnership and personalized recruitment solutions.

IT Recruitment & Beyond

At JFC Global, our mission is not just to fill roles but to forge lasting connections that drive success for both clients and candidates. In the dynamic landscape of IT recruitment, we stand ready to navigate the challenges and deliver exceptional results, one placement at a time.

Looking to Fill Your Urgent High Level Role?

JFC Global has solutions for organization’s high level roles that are unmatched. We have a large pool of talent to tap into and can help build out your team without compromising even if you’re in a time crunch or the unexpected occurs. In this success story, our team jumped into action to help fill the VP of IT role in a pinch, and the results were impressive to all. If you have an immediate opening, or a long standing position to fill, contact our team of specialists today to get started in building your dream team. If you’re looking for a quality position at a company you can grow with, we can help you too. We create partnerships that benefit all involved, so get started today!