Who Has Had the Greatest Impact on Your Life?

The Greatest Impact

Can you name the six wealthiest people in the world? How about the seven people who were honored as Time Magazine’s Person of the Year? Can you remember who the Super Bowl MVPs for the past five years were?

My guess is that if you’re like me, you couldn’t come up with more than a name or two. Which by the way, was precisely the point. 

Now, can you name a teacher who made an impact on your life? How about a friend or relative who has always been there for you? What about someone who inspired you to be better?

That’s a lot easier to answer, isn’t it?

The reason it is so much easier to name and remember these people is because they are the ones who truly influence our lives. The people who by their words and actions, genuinely make a difference, simply because they care. 

So, what does this have to do with us?

Well, chances are that if you ask people in the local community to “Name a recruiting service that impacted your life?”, they will respond with “JFC!”. 

Why, you ask? 

We are proud to report that in just the past year, we placed hundreds of people into new full-time careers that totaled a whopping $19,521,209 in salaries. Making this type of impact is why JFC started in the first place. Not only are our placed candidates earning substantial life changing salaries, they also can now provide better for their families, and communities as well.

Impact of career & quality of life.

Your career can have an impact on the quality of your life. How you earn income is often an important aspect of overall well-being. Having a career that you love, and are well compensated for can create a sense of freedom, joy, and security. At JFC, we are amazed to see how our services can influence and alter people’s lives for the better. Simple everyday needs like paying your rent/mortgage, putting food on the table, and providing opportunities for loved ones all require income. When you work with a recruiting service like JFC, you can do all this and more.

While the careers we help job seekers get is incredibly rewarding, the influence JFC has doesn’t stop there. We also care deeply about our internal staff’s happiness, fulfillment, and success! In 2022, we promoted 23.2% of our staff into higher level roles and career opportunities. Our work family was named Harrisburg Magazine’s “Simply the Best” (our 16th time) and “Best Places to Work in PA” (our 12th time).

What’s Ahead?

Looking ahead to 2023, we are excited to create even more opportunities that positively impact people’s lives, their families lives, and the community as a whole. If you are ready to make a change, and go after the career of your dreams, then we look forward to helping you too! Connect with our team of caring professionals today by calling 1-888-JFC-JOBS, and see what’s possible this year.