Critical Staffing Shortages Solved by Local Niche Recruiting Firm – A Case Study

Rapid Results & Ideal Matches for Immediate Help Desk Opening

At the crossroads of unexpected staffing shortages and budget constraints, our client faced a challenging dilemma when an employee informed them about their upcoming FMLA leave. With no immediate budget allocation for a new hire, the newly short-staffed company turned to JFC Global, a trusted local niche recruiting firm, for assistance.


Quick to Respond When it Matters Most

Within the span of just five days, JFC showcased their agility and expertise by presenting six highly qualified candidates for the client’s consideration. This rapid response not only alleviated the immediate pressure caused by the impending absence but also provided the client with a diverse pool of talent to select from, ensuring continuity and productivity during the transitional period.

Quality Candidates Quickly Identified

One such candidate rose to the top of the pile rather quickly. Matching his skills and aspirations with a promising opportunity located a mere 15 minutes from his residence, JFC facilitated a seamless transition that not only revitalized his career but also provided him an impressive compensation and benefit package.

The Result?

Through personalized attention, swift action, and an unwavering commitment to understanding both client needs and candidate aspirations, JFC Global’s IT recruiting team exemplified the transformative impact of local niche recruiting firms. By delivering tailored solutions and fostering mutually beneficial connections, JFC not only met but exceeded expectations, leaving a lasting impression of reliability and efficacy in the realm of talent acquisition.

How Did the Client & Contractor Respond?

Here’s what the client said: “(your contractor) is doing amazing. We are probably going to ultimately hire him at some point. We could not be any happier.”

Here’s what the Help Desk Contractor said: “Feeling really blessed to have this opportunity. Thanks again for giving me a chance…The IT team is very nice, super helpful. I love everything about it.”

Creating a “Win-Win” For All

JFC Global specializes in creating win-win solutions for both business owners and job candidates alike. One single day of missed business can have a major impact on your bottom line, and by not having adequate staffing available for multiple days, the stress only compounds. By utilizing our recruiting services, both the client and the contractor were able to quickly find solutions to their very urgent problems. 


Ever Find Yourself in a Similar Situation?

If you have ever experienced staffing shortages, then you know how difficult it can be to find a qualified candidate on short notice. Most companies only begin looking for new hires once they lose or let go of a staff member. Fortunately, JFC Global has a database full of highly qualified talent that are eager to get started working as soon as possible. We make the process easy for everyone involved so you can stay focused on your business, not putting out fires.

Ready To Take the Next Step?

Is your company missing key players on your team? What is the cost of having that work go undone, or overloading the other team members who are filling the gaps ‘temporarily’? Let’s connect and assess the role that JFC Global can play to alleviate that burden from your team.

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