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5 Steps to an Effective Recruiter Relationship

Published on August 1, 2019

By – Molly (Sollenberger) Zizzi – Client Relations Specialist at JFC Global

The job market is much more different now than it used to be, so my goal here is to help you take steps towards building a relationship with a recruiter whether you’re in an active job search or not. Recruiters do not exist solely to fill open jobs, or at least that’s not how we see it at JFC Global; we are career advisers.

Much like financial advisers who help handle your finances throughout your career, recruiters are here to be involved in conversations around career growth ideas, challenges you’re coming across with your current employer, skills you feel confident honing in on, salary conversations, job market insight, and more.

Recruiters are underutilized considering the amount of information they are willing to offer. Here are five steps to take in order to create a beneficial partnership that will give your career a boost and loosen the burden of the unknown.

1)     Find an experienced professional recruiter who specializes in your area of expertise: At JFC Global, we have three teams of specialized recruiters who focus on IT, Accounting/Finance, and Engineering. Each recruiter specializes in one area so they can build relationships, learn the skill sets required for various positions in the field, and become experts in the local market. If you’re in sales, find a sales recruiter. If you’re in the medical field, find a recruiter who specializes in Healthcare. The recruiter’s specific focus in your area of expertise, along with the tenure of the recruiter, will incrementally enhance the outcome of your partnership.

2)     Find a local recruiter who focuses on your job market: In order to build a lasting, advantageous partnership, your best bet is to find a recruiter with an established, local organization who has a good reputation. Network with other professionals in your discipline to see who they may know and read online reviews. The more time the recruiter has spent in your discipline, and in the local market, the more knowledge they will have to offer. JFC Global has been around for over 40 years and we exclusively operate in the Central PA area.

3)     Meet in person: You do not need to be in an active job search to meet with a recruiter. Grab coffee together or schedule a time to eat lunch; something simple to take initiative and start the relationship. It is a recruiter’s job to build relationships with professionals, so we will cater to your schedule. If the recruiter does not think it is necessary to meet in person, MOVE ON! How will a recruiter support you with something as important as your career if they haven’t looked you in the eyes to understand your career goals and motives? This is a crucial step for a successful partnership, so invest in the small amount of time it will take.

4)     Keep in touch as your career progresses: As the years go by, you learn new skills, gain responsibilities, obtain certifications, take on new projects etc. Rather than waiting until you get the itch to discuss what might be a good next step for you, share these exciting updates with your recruiter as they happen. Your recruiter could become aware of a unique job that doesn’t come around often and you might be a perfect fit with your new skill. But, if you contact them a week after the job is filled, it was a missed opportunity. The more communication, the better.

5)     Be honest and vulnerable; this is your livelihood we’re talking about: This last step is much easier to do if you follow all the previous steps. If the recruiter is experienced, they will be better at asking the right questions to get you to open up. If they are entrenched in the local job market, they will understand more about your search and be able to meet with you in person. If you have kept in touch with them, they know what your current life situation entails and can provide better support. The success of the partnership relies on both parties, and honesty is a main component.

It is undoubtedly a candidate job market. Professionals feel safer with their employers now more than ever, but that doesn’t mean they’re happy and fulfilled in their role. Whether you’re eager to find another job, or you have found a place you see yourself retiring, a recruiter has valuable insight due to the world they live in. Find one you feel like you can partner well with, and make it happen! Every professional athlete needs a sports agent, every celebrity works with a PR representative, and every business professional should consult with a recruiter.