What To Do When The Job Interviewer Says They Will Call, But Doesn’t

How to Stay Patient, Persistent, & Professional

Did your job interviewer say they would call, but never did? First of all, don’t panic. This happens a lot more than you might think. There are lots of reasons that your job interviewer might have gotten held up, and by keeping your cool, you can still have a good shot at getting the job. Job interviewers are just like you and me, and sometimes life gets in the way of our “to-do” list. By following a few simple steps, you can usually still get your job interview, and at the same time use the experience as an opportunity to show your patience, perseverance, and professionalism. Here are our tips to making a great impression, in less than ideal circumstances. 

Show Up Early If You Have A Scheduled Interview

By showing up to your interview early, you can make sure you have all of the proper information. This also gives you a chance to relax and get settled. Trying to log in to a video interview just a few minutes before your interview time can lead to stress. If there is a technical error, then at least you have the time to adjust if you logged in a few minutes early. Keep in mind that your interviewer might not arrive early, and may be experiencing technical difficulties, resulting in them being late. Have patience. If you come off as irritated, they probably won’t want to hire you. They are always watching to see how you handle adversity, as this is how you will handle it if hired. 

Keeping Your Cool

Staying cool and giving the interviewer the benefit of the doubt will help you stay confident and relaxed. If you start to stress out over why the job interviewer hasn’t called yet, then you will start to feel and appear desperate. While it is understandable to get your heart set on a company or position, you never want to put all of your eggs in one basket. Having more than one opportunity available also shows the job interviewer your value, and usually makes them more interested.  

Reaching Out To Your Job Interviewer

If you have waited for more than 15-20 minutes, it’s a fair time to reach out. First double check that you have the right time and date. If you do, and you have a phone number, give them a call. If you only have an email, then try that. Keep it short and sweet. Say something like, “Hi, I’m ready and available for our appointment. Are you still able to meet today, or do we need to reschedule?” Usually if they just got tied up, they will ask to just push your interview back a bit. We recommend being easy going with this when possible. If they forgot, they might ask to reschedule.  

Big Picture Thinking

These days the job interview process can last weeks, or even months depending on the scale of the position. This means that your job interviewer isn’t rushing to get things done in a day or two. While waiting through a longer process can be difficult (especially when you are in between jobs), it is something that doesn’t reflect on you. Thinking of the process as more long term, gives you an advantage because you will already assume the patience needed. Companies today are very interested in employee retention. If an interviewee doesn’t have the patience or perseverance to last through a long interview process, then odds are they won’t last through the challenges that arise in the job.

When To Let It Go 

If you have tried reaching back out by phone and email after the 15-20 minute mark, with no success, then wait until the following day. Reach out again, simply asking if they are still able to have the interview. If you still get no response, then wait a few days to reach out again. If you really love the company, you can continue to follow up.

Make sure to sit with yourself first, to analyze if this is the type of company you want to work for or not. If you are set on it, then it doesn’t hurt to stay in contact until you hear something back. However, if you want something more personable, then move on to a company that will at least let you know where you stand with them. Sometimes a missed interview will be followed up with an email saying they found their new hire. Stay graceful, and consider inviting them to contact you if it doesn’t work.

Multiple Job Interviews & Opportunities

Always line up multiple job opportunities just in case. You don’t want to spend weeks or months on one job opportunity,, and not get it with nothing to fall back on. By working with a company like JFC Staffing, you will have access to lots of great companies and job opportunities, so you can stay proactive in your job search. We have a process for connecting job seekers, and employee seekers that saves everyone involved time, energy and money. By utilizing our resources, you can more easily avoid dead end interviews and minimize an abundance of job competition. 

Staying Positive

Don’t let your mind start racing with the worst case scenarios. It isn’t personal, and it may not even be preventable. By staying positive on your overall job search, you will find the right position with the perfect company. When things don’t go as planned, try to remain focussed on the qualities you want  in a job. Sometimes the jobs that don’t work out, turn out to be a good thing! By staying positive, you give yourself a better chance at being in a favorable state when you do have your interview. Remember, companies have enough stress and turbulence to deal with already. If it appears you’re going to add to the stress instead of help relieve it, they will be more inclined to pass on hiring you.

Next Steps For Your Job Hunt

No matter how confident you are in your skills during an interview, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the job, or even hear back from the interviewer afterwards. While it can be disheartening not getting called back after an interview, there are things you can do in this situation such as sending a polite follow-up email, and exploring other opportunities while you wait for a response. Don’t give up hope, there’s always something better out there waiting for you! Connect with JFC Staffing today for help on your job search. We always have new opportunities available, and great resources to help you prepare for your next interview.