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Companies throughout Central PA are working hard to maximize the spirit of the Paycheck Protection Program to keep America working.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about more change in three months of 2020 than we have seen in prior decades combined.

Some of that change has been terrifying. Some has been unsettling.  However, one change helping many businesses throughout Central PA is the passing of the Paycheck Protection Program under the CARES Act.

If your company was eligible to take part in this program, you’ve been through the arduous application and approval process. Now it’s time to focus on restoring (or even increasing) your headcount to keep Central PA working, as well as maximizing the potential of your loan forgiveness.

The recent expansion of the program to include a second option for a 24-week forgiveness period, in addition to the original 8-week period, is a welcome change for most businesses.  How are you looking to increase your headcount? That’s where JFC can help!

If you have positions that you’ve always dreamt of adding to your team, why not do that now?

Most of you may know JFC as a provider of temporary and contract candidates. Yet did you know we also provide direct hire candidates to add to your team and your payroll?  JFC’s team of recruiters has remained very busy conducting interviews all throughout this quarantine time.  The way we conduct interviews might have changed, but the focus on attracting quality talent for local companies is as strong as ever.

JFC’s recruiters are screening, interviewing, and reference checking a wide variety of skills to meet the needs of companies that have remained open or are ready to re-open. As a result, we have a pool of candidates seeking direct hire placement who are ready to go, adding to your FTE headcount and your payroll. 

Contact JFC today to learn how we can help your company through this time of challenges and opportunities.  Through our JFC Cares program, we have flexible pricing available for companies of all sizes. Together we can keep Central PA working!

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