Is it Bad to Apply to Multiple Jobs at the Same Company?

Job Search Tips & Best Practices

You’ve found a company you really like, and want to apply to multiple jobs they are offering. The culture feels right, the mission speaks to you, and the commute is manageable (or non-existent). They are hiring for multiple positions that fit your skill sets, so why not apply to all of them? Is it bad to apply to multiple jobs at the same company? What impression does applying for multiple jobs at the same company make? Today, we will look at several factors that should be considered when deciding on how many jobs to apply for at the same company. 

Applying for Multiple Jobs

Applying to multiple jobs at the same company can be a great way to increase your chances of getting noticed. But, will it get you noticed in a good way? While it may show that you are eager to work, it can also come across as desperate or unprofessional. It is acceptable to apply for several jobs at one company, however, there is a caveat to doing so. You want to make sure that you have a very clear understanding about what skills each position requires, and the qualifications needed to successfully fill each role. 

How to Determine Which Jobs to Apply For

One approach to applying for jobs we often see is a job searcher will look up a company they like to see what positions they are hiring for, then create a resume based on the required skills and experience needed for that position. While this approach can work, it can also take a lot of time and energy. Oftentimes it can lead to discouragement as well since you are spreading yourself too thin in a lot of different directions. We recommend starting a different way.

First determine your high level skills, and qualifications. Then search the company you like for their job openings. See if your skills and qualifications match any of the positions they are trying to fill. If not, consider sending in your resume anyway, with a cover letter explaining that you really like the company and would love to be kept on file for when a position that matches your specifications opens up. Then, look to similar companies that are hiring for your skills and qualifications. Working with a staffing company can help you to save time by introducing you to companies that are very actively looking for qualified people. 

Start With Your Strengths

If you start by considering your strengths and weaknesses, you can save time and avoid frustration. Making a list of your top skill sets and qualifications, can help target your job search and get better results. Once you are clear on your skills, experience and qualifications, then you can narrow down jobs at the company of your choice. If they aren’t hiring for a position that is right for you currently, send in your application anyway. You never know when their next opening might be.

It is better to have a very specific application in their hands, then come into a role that isn’t really utilizing your strengths. You don’t want to get hired in a role you compromised for, then see the role you really want open up in a month. Having specialized knowledge and skills is something many employers and companies value. When you apply for too many jobs at the same company, you may water down the impact of your true strengths.

Identify Similarities Between Multiple Jobs Listings

If the company that you really want to work at has several job listings posted, look for similarities in multiple listings. There are some occasions that a company makes several postings for the same position with slightly different approaches. Read job descriptions carefully so you can clearly identify how you can help fill the needs they are searching for.

If your current resume highlights adequate proficiency for multiple positions accurately, then applying for both or several makes sense. Creating new resumes for multiple positions at a company, can result in appearing incongruent or unspecialized. You also may waste a lot of time creating new resumes for every position if you aren’t focussed on a goal. Decide what type of work you are qualified for and want to do most. Then, craft or update your resume highlighting your experience and qualifications for that specific position.

Find Several Companies of Interest

We fully understand falling in love with a company and having a dream or goal to work for them. However, we don’t recommend compromising on your true capabilities or qualifications in order to work there. It might make sense to start in a less qualified role to get your foot in the door. This only makes sense if there is in fact room to grow, and the role is somewhat related to your ideal position. 

We recommend instead, finding several companies that meet the same points of interest that your dream company does. This way you can stay true to your highest skill set, and have more opportunities. Once you get in with a company, you may be surprised that it works out better than your original plan. Or, it may be a great stepping stone into the company you desire. 

You Don’t Have To Do It Alone!

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