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5 Ways to Bring Down Your Team

Moods don’t just spread from person to person, they affect entire networks. Recent discoveries in the field of positive psychology have shown poor moods do indeed fuel failure. When we are negative, we become less motivated, energetic, resilient, and productive at work. With that in mind, here are five ways to bring down any team:

  1. Wipe that smile off your face.

According to the latest neuroscience, frowning deteriorates your own mood, because it tells your brain that you’re not happy. More important, research shows that “grumpy” leaders are less successful than those who aren’t.

  1. Build a strict “work only” environment.

Many banking institutions have “no picture” policies. They simply will not allow employees to have personal pictures on or around their desks. Nothing says, “happiness has no business in the workplace” than this lovely policy.

  1. Hire jerks.

Who cares if that new hire is a jerk, he has the technical skills.  No matter how talented a jerk may be, is it really worth it? Jerks are great at souring the overall mood of a team. They are less cooperative, more aggressive and are likely to rely on intimidation tactics for their own personal gain.

  1. Only celebrate or recognize others at year end.

Have a successful project or quarter? Wait months and months after until you acknowledge the team’s success. Be sure to monitor and eliminate any cheering of progress made by members of the group. In fact, focus only on them getting the job done and once completed, quickly move on to the next task. Never, ever, compliment people…it will only go to their head and interfere with productivity  

  1. Approach employees only about mistakes.

Johnny just closed that elusive account but wait a minute…he used the wrong color envelop for his thank you letter. Point out that while he may have just pumped an additional 3 million of revenue into the company, he used a white envelope instead of the required manila one. Shame on you Johnny!

Humorous to read but such leadership is no laughing matter. Remember, your mood is highly contagious. Make sure you are devoted to having a positive one because it affects your team’s and possibly that of the entire organization.

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