Ethnic businessman shaking hand of applicant in office

Why Work with a Recruiter?

Your recruiter will have constant, open conversations with you about what you are learning through your job search and what they know about the current job market.  Your recruiter  will take proactive efforts to promote your skills while you continue your job search too.  It’s a combined effort with you and your recruiter both working to find you the position you’re looking for. 

The more details about what work environments you prefer, managements styles, and lifestyle preferences, the more your recruiter will be able to help you find what it is you’re REALLY looking for in a career. Having open and honest communications with your recruiter will help you find a great position now and create a thriving future career.   

What Resources Does a Recruiter Have Beyond What I Can Do Myself?

Your recruiter has direct access to the decision makers at companies looking for an employee like you, so you’re not at the bottom of someone’s inbox, or worse, in their spam folder.   A recruiter contacts the company directly and presents you and your qualifications for a specific position. 

Also, recruiters often have access to unadvertised positions that could be the perfect match for your skill set. Companies will call recruiters confidentially about positions they need to fill, and don’t want to advertise publicly.   A recruiter who specializes in your field is the best option to find the perfect position for you.  They have a wide variety of positions at any given time and know the work environments to best match with your interests. 

Specialized recruiters will also market your information to their clients.    Even if a recruiter doesn’t have an opening for you right now, they might know of a company that could benefit from your skills, and potentially create a position for you.   You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by partnering with a JFC Global recruiter.

How Does Working with a Recruiter Improve My Chances of Getting a Job or an Interview?

A recruiter advocates directly for you.  Recruiters are focused on finding you the position that is the best match for your lifestyle and quality of life you’re looking for.   Because a good recruiter is interested in making both the client and the candidate happy, it’s in the recruiter’s best interest to match candidates with positions and companies where they will thrive.

Can My Recruiter Help Prepare Me for My Interview?

Your recruiter takes the time to have detailed conversations with the hiring managers about the position.  Many job descriptions don’t reflect what personality traits the manager seeks as a cultural fit or a good fit with the rest of the team or company. Your recruiter may advise you on how much the employer emphasizes the experience you have and how open they are to the benefits of your overall career ambitions.  This expertise often helps candidates answer the tough questions in an interview.

Recruiters who specialize in your niche industry also look for details about the client’s upcoming projects. You can use this information to prepare problem/opportunity stories about similar problems you’ve solved in other positions.

A Partner in Your Job Search

Your recruiter takes a proactive approach to promote your skills and brainstorm possibilities for the best career options for you.  It’s a combined effort, and that’s the benefit professionals can gain from working with a recruiter in their search.  This is about your livelihood.  Anyone can evaluate your skill set from your resume and interviews, but when you work with a recruiter, we go beyond that.  We take the time to get to know your personality and find out the environment where you will thrive.  

How does JFC Global Place the Right Person in the Right Position? 

At JFC Global, we specialize in placing Accounting/Finance, IT, and Engineering professionals.  Our teams are focused on one professional skill set.  Our recruiters study the supply and demand reports in their specific industries to negotiate the best pay rates/benefits and expectations for both candidate and clients.  We use market information to benefit the candidates.  Then, because we’ve done the research, our clients know we’re sending the best qualified candidates and you know we’ve worked hard to find you the perfect position for your career goals.