JFC Staffing Companies VTO Charity Program

As you all know, the JFC companies has always thought of our charity and community involvement as a cornerstone of our business. Over the years I am so proud of the countless charities we have had the ability to support and ultimately, positively impact so many other people.

We want to take this to a whole new level. In place of selecting just one charity to support in 2019, I am excited to say that we are implementing a free VTO (volunteer time off) day for everyone! What does this mean? As an entire organization we have a special opportunity to expand tremendously the lives we can positively impact because everyone gets a free day off to support the charity of their choice! Imagine what that can mean for the communities we work and live in!

Each JFC employee gets to take 1 day off to volunteer at the charity of their choice.  At the end of the year, one charity (501C3 organization) will be selected to receive a large monetary donation from the JFC team. Last year’s donated amount was over $10,000!