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Project Manager/Sr. Application Consultant

A Sr. Application Consultant/Project Manager with over twenty years IT experience supporting and implementing applications in manufacturing, automotive aftermarket, and consulting industries. He has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems and a Masters in Business Administration. Throughout his career he has managed, implemented, and upgraded ERP and other business specific applications, architected solutions for several different business processes throughout multiple business functions, and managed a team of developers and administrators. In one of his former roles he supported 2 ERP systems and 2 business segments across different manufacturing processes. He led an ERP implementation for one of the business segments where he set up and configured the environment, worked with vendors to set up servers and install software, and made sure the security was SOX compliant. Another project he was part of was leading a team of 4 for customizations within the HFM system. He gathered requirements, created specifications for changes that needed to occur, and created workflows. For the customer service manager, he automated the process of saving files to folders which previously consisted of moving around 150 files within a 30-60 minute time frame. By automating that process, they had more time to delegate for other important tasks. One of his most notable accomplishments was implementing the INFOR Syteline ERP system for a plant opening up in China. He led the entire implementation and was able to fully customize it to meet their business needs. As a lead, he took the time to work with one specific developer to implement an agile environment to maximize his productivity. They worked together to break everything down into user stories and completed weekly sprints. Recently he led a 100k project to take a client from a single manufacturing site on an ERP system to an ERP system to support multiple sites. Additionally, he is in the middle of an implementation from on-prem Syteline to a cloud migration.

Category: Information Technology


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