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Director of Enrollment Services

This candidate is a dynamic professional with a robust skill set tailored to managing and optimizing student health insurance enrollment processes. With expertise in overseeing both in-person and electronic technical assistance across multiple institutions, they have facilitated the enrollment of approximately 10,000 students, handling manual waivers and insurance enrollments adeptly. Their leadership shines through their role in supervising Insurance Enrollment Specialists and temporary staff, demonstrating strong managerial capabilities. Additionally, their proactive approach is evident in developing and maintaining comprehensive training programs and materials, ensuring the team stays well-equipped. Their proficiency extends to managing the intricate communication process with partner colleges and universities, overseeing the production of materials for both physical and electronic distribution to a large student base. Moreover, their attention to detail is showcased through their skill in reconciling enrollment and cancellation records, ensuring accuracy and efficiency within the Student Health Insurance Plans they manage.

Don’t just take our word for it, hear what her references had to say:
“She is very strong in her leadership skills. She develops people extremely well.”
“She is a great communicator. She is very consistent.” 
“She has great big-picture vision. She knows how to bring people along with those goals as well.”

Category: Office Professional


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